September 29, 2022

How to Turn Your Life Around

To be satisfied with life, you need to change and adapt to changes. The good news? No one can do it for you but you. The first step is always the hardest, but with determination and the right mindset you can overcome just about anything. If you’ve had enough of how things are right now, what lies around the corner can (and will) be completely different.

Regardless of what’s going on in your world, you probably know why your life is stuck. Is it your job? Friends? Relationship? Bad habits? Your general outlook? All five of these and then some? Are you afraid to admit what’s actually the issue? You have to figure out what’s wrong before you can fix anything. Thankfully, you have all the answers.

Pinpoint the issues.

It’s possible your answer is “everything.” All too often one facet of our lives bleeds into the other. Don’t be daunted by this. At the end of the day, you create your life. Whether one thing needs to be fixed or everything needs to be fixed, it’s all doable. It’ll just be a little more work. You’ll need some mental resetting, but it’s all doable. Being stuck in a miserable job isn’t the problem, it’s a symptom of the problem. Being too scared to apply for a new job or being too lazy in your current comfortable, easy routine. You know that phrase “you are your own worst enemy?” That applies here. You are not to blame for the hand you’ve been dealt, but you are responsible for how you played it. What patterns of thinking have been keeping you from playing it better?

Identify your mental blocks.

Being self-aware is the only way you can really change your thinking. Changing your thinking changes your behavior. Changing your behavior changes what happens to you. If you want a problem to stop, you gotta cut it off at the root. So while this may all seem like a long-winded, unnecessary approach to turning things around, it’s not (at least the unnecessary part). This (your thinking, your mental blocks) must be tackled before any change can really be had.

Question the thoughts and beliefs that are making you unhappy.

Ready to have your mind blown? You live in a world of your thoughts. Think about that. Sit back in your chair right now and wrap your mind around that. Everything right now is a construction of you, of your thinking, of your mind. This should lead you to a couple of conclusions:

  • Awesome. You have the power to live however you want. If you wanted to believe you were the Queen of England, you could. If you wanted to believe you were happy, you would be. You are the only person that holds the power when it comes to turning your life around.
  • Those things that are making you unhappy? Some of them are imaginary. True, you might have a crappy job and that’s undeniable. You might be in a dead-end relationship, you might be unemployed, you might be addicted to hard drugs, you might be suicidal, you might be going nowhere. But how you view your situation can put a spin on things that will make them better. Will make them easier. Easy to know, sure; less easy to do. But knowing this is a fact of life, is half the battle won.

Put your attitude to work.

In order for good things to happen to you, you have to be in the mindset of expecting success. Have you ever tried to walk up to that cute boy or girl with the belief that you’ll fail? Exactly. Either you just plain don’t or you do manage to walk up, nervous, scared and visibly insecure. All of life isn’t that different to get success, you kind of have to expect it. So if you’re working with a negative attitude, that’s gotta change.

  • Start working on positive thinking. It can be quite the chore, so just start with 15 minutes a day. When a negative thought creeps up, take the time to reframe it. It won’t come naturally at first, but you’ll get better at it. For that 15 minutes, “My life is terrible” becomes, “I’m not happy with life right now and am going to do something about it.” Work on this until you don’t allow the negative thoughts at all. It’ll be so much easier to get out of bed and take action when your mind is ready and raring to go.

Allow yourself the power.

Newsflash: happiness doesn’t come from removing your problems. There are impoverished, hungry children in this world who smile and laugh every day. There are people who are in similar situations to you who consider themselves lucky to be alive. So allow yourself the power to make yourself happy, to view yourself worthy of success. Allow yourself control over your life instead of pretending you’re an innocent bystander. Take the reins. You got this.

  • You’re on this page, so clearly you have some motivation to do something. That’s all you need and you have it! You need to make the decision to do something. When you do, things will change. They have to. They can’t not. Latch onto this motivation and let it fester. Let it grow until it explodes. Get power-hungry. Things are about to happen.

Find a passion you can work towards.

It’s hard to turn your life around if you don’t know what direction to face, you know? Having a passion, some goal or dream to strive for gives you a path to tread, instead of foraging about for a needle in a haystack that may or may not be there. So what’s yours? Where would you like to be in six months? A year?

  • Do you see yourself living in the same town? Maybe a different job? Working on a new project or business? In school? Significantly more fit? There’s no wrong answer here. And you can have more than one, too!

Your dream makeover.

You need to open yourself up to deeper conversations, make peace with your mistakes and weak decisions, and start connecting instead of avoiding. Your dreams didn’t die overnight, so take your time getting them back. Getting clarity about what you really want will help you decide the first steps you’ll need to take. Be gentle on yourself, and learn to bend as the wind blows you’ll gain a deeper kind of strength from within. The sooner you understand that success comes only from you, your work, and your experience, the sooner you’ll turn your life around and become a huge success story. So get to it.