June 26, 2022

Surgeon Reveals How Jennifer Lopez Might Look If She’d Aged Normally

From Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham and Liz Hurley to Jennifer Aniston, the showbiz world is full of lucky ladies who look years younger than their birth certificate.

Isn’t it strange how celebrities seem to age at a completely different rate to the rest of us? Top Harley Street doctor reveals how A-listers such as Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Liz Hurley, and Victoria Beckham might be defying time, and uses computer imaging to predict how they might look if they weren’t famous.

They’re undeniably blessed with great genes, but they also have the money and time to spend on the best skin care in the business. According to top Harley Street Cosmetic surgeon Dr Julian de Silva, these women might all look quite different if they weren’t famous.

Victoria Beckham, 45

He’s assessed their faces and used his Face Future software to digitally add the signs of ageing he’d typically expect to see at their age. He’s also revealed the types of treatments they might have used to help them look so much younger than a typical woman of their age. Dr de Silva says:

“By 45 you’d expect to see smile lines and wrinkles around the eyes becoming deeper, but there are few signs of wrinkles on her brow or crow’s feet. There’s also no sign of nasolabial lines which usually start to form in the 30s.”

He added:

“Victoria has olive skin which is less prone to fine lines but to have a complete lack of wrinkles suggests she’s used injectable treatments over the past 10 years. If so, it’s been done subtly and she looks incredible for 45.”

Jennifer Lopez, 50

Dr de Silva says:

“Jennifer’s face is remarkable, she shows almost no signs of ageing over the past 20 years. The only change is a slightly broader, squarer jawline, but it’s almost imperceptible. Our face mapping software puts her at 32 – nearly 20 years younger than her actual age.”

He Continued:

“Jennifer drinks no alcohol or coffee, has never smoked, protects her skin from the sun, sees a personal trainer every day, and gets at least seven hours of sleep. Her healthy lifestyle will certainly have helped, but it wouldn’t have stopped gravity.”

He added:

She’s refuted having surgery, but she may have used non-invasive options like Ultherapy which uses ultrasound to lift and tighten the face. It’s also possible she’s used subtle fillers to restore volume.”

Liz Hurley, 54

Dr de Silva says:

“Liz has some extended laughter lines but her jawline is much the same as it was in her 20s. She has clearly taken care of her skin, and even though she is quite fair the quality is still very youthful, with few signs of sun damage. Liz has said she’s used botox and you can see it’s worked.”

He added:

“By 54 you’d expect to see frown lines but there’s hardly any sign of that. Her skin looks very smooth, so she may have used micro-needling treatments to boost collagen.”

Jennifer Aniston, 50

Dr de Silva says:

“Jennifer looks about 10 years younger than she is. There is a slight loss of volume and stretching of the skin texture, possibly due to sun damage, but very few other signs of ageing. Her nasolabial folds are slightly more pronounced but nowhere near as much as you’d expect.”

He added:

“Jennifer is a fan of laser peels, which shed the top layers of skin for a more radiant surface as well as generating skin-supporting collagen deeper down.”

Dr Julian de Silva from the Centre for Advanced Facial Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery created these predictive facial images using his Future Face AI computer software. He also runs the non-surgical Harley Street Face Clinic which provides cosmeceutical and high-tech non-surgical innovations to help maintain facial shape and balance in a natural way over time