October 3, 2022

Jimmy Kimmel Guests Think Wakanda Is a Real Country With Real Crises

Wakanda isn’t a real country, but that hasn’t prevented people from forming strong opinions about it. The fictional setting of “Black Panther” served as the topic for the new edition of “Lie Witness News” on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last night, with a number of passersby on Hollywood Boulevard chiming in on the so-called “Wakanda crisis.” One bystander says when asked if the United States should withdraw its soldiers from the fake African nation.

“I think we need a strong [military] presence there. I definitely support our troops, so if they’re in Wakanda, they have a reason to be there.”

Another says in response to the same question.

“No, I think we should resolve our own problems first — especially with what’s going on in the government,”

Another man is steadfast in his belief that Wakanda should get to keep its vibranium (even though it powers fidget spinners) and yet another approves of the Twitter feud between Donald Trump and King T’Challa.

“My opinion is I think it’s good. In this day, bad publicity is good publicity for some people. As long as people are watching, as long as people are tuning in, you know what I’m saying, someone’s getting paid.”

Watch the full segment below.