Alicia Keys Says She Was ‘Manipulated’ To Pose Topless In Earlier Days Of Career

Alicia Keys is opening about the ups and downs of her career in her new biography ‘More Myself’.

She wrote, that the 2000 incident was with a photographer, who refused to take the pictures of Alicia Keys with anyone on the set. The singer explained:

“When I emerge from the dressing room, there’s just the two of us on set. ‘Open up your shirt a little,’ he directs while firing off a flurry of camera snaps. My spirit is screaming that something is wrong, that this feels sleazy. But my protests, lodged in the back of my throat, can’t make their way out.”

She continued:

“‘Pull the top of your jeans down a bit in the front,’ he urges. If I say no, what doors will be closed to me? I swallow my misgivings, tuck my thumb between the denim and my skin, and obey.”

She said she got extremely emotional and cried “harder than ever” when she got home.

“This isn’t about me showing some skin, which I’ll do on my own terms, for my own purposes, in the coming years. It’s about feeling manipulated. It’s about being objectified.”

She added that she felt worse when the magazine cover was released.

“I am beyond embarrassed, ashamed that I’ve sold part of myself … Had Jeff [Keys’ manager] been in there, he would’ve voiced what I couldn’t at the time: Hell no. Close that shirt. Take your hand off your tit. And you’re not going to yank down your jeans.”

While she didn’t reveal who the photographer was, or what magazine she was posing for, it’s speculated that it was Dazed. See the alleged photo here.

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