May 22, 2022

Amber Rose Says Blac Chyna Knows How To S*ck A D**k

Amber Rose is strongly defending her close friend Blac Chyna’s bedroom behavior.

Last month, Chyna made headlines when a video of her performing oral sex on her then boyfriend went viral. The footage has since been removed from the internet, but some suggested that Chyna’s performance was less than stellar. Amber is responding to those who have criticized Chyna’s fellatio game. She says;

“I just want to say this, on the record, if you think Blac Chyna don’t know how to suck a d**k, you got her all the way f***ed up. All the way messed up. And I’m gonna tell y’all what – sometimes … All I’m saying is, okay, but listen, let me tell you something, sometimes if you have (someone) sitting on your chest, but sometimes you know, when you give oral, it’s a cute little mm-mm, you know, nothing OD, and sometimes you OD on it.”

She continued;

“Don’t ever for a second think that my bestie, my sister Blac Chyna can’t suck a d**k. Y’all gonna stop talking about my friend. I swear to God. Just look at her. You think she is really incapable of going ham on the D?”

See the clip below.

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