May 22, 2022

Amber Rose Tries to Hook-Up with Nicki Minaj

Amber Rose and Nicki Minaj flirt with each other on social media.

As a feminista icon and founder of the largely successful transnational movement SlutWalk, it goes without saying that Amber Rose has no qualms about what, and who, gets her steamy.

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Having said that, the flirting all started when Amber posted the picture below propositioning Nicki on Instagram Live.

Amber Rose got the picture from Nicki’s account and reposted it on her own Instagram story, which shows Nicki clad in a dominatrix-esque patent leather one piece, with thigh-high stockings and with a white robe draped over her shoulders.

Nicki got the message loud and clear, she hilariously responded to Amber, but Amber wasn’t finished there.

Aside from their openly loving relationship, the trio of laughter-faced emojis after Nicki’s response is a clear indicator of just a little IG joke between the women.