Azealia Banks Threatens To Expose Busta Rhymes

Azealia Banks is threatening to expose rapper Busta Rhymes.

She went on a rant via her Instagram stories and first warned “everybody getting violated” once the nationwide quarantine is over. While she said she has a “long list,” she made it clear that Busta Rhymes would be first. It’s not exactly clear what happened between her and the “Break Ya Neck” rapper, but she gave him a deadline of four days and called him a;

“Fat steroid neck son of a b****”.

She followed it up with what appeared to be cover art for a song called “Taste’s State” featuring Busta Rhymes. She continued:

“Y’all don’t get that I seek none of these n***as out. [They] beg me to come to the studio then be on the internet reading blogs like b****es & wanna play politics”

She followed it up with a story of how she and Busta Rhymes had an interaction recently. She alleged:

“This n***a BEGS me to stay to do some dumb a** Beyonce remix (he never paid me for) Then wanna play politics like he can’t associate as if anyone wants to work a 47year old ‘roid head who still takes molly.”

She ended with saying that she did the remix, but he didn’t hold up his end of the deal.

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