January 22, 2022



B. Scott Shares Exclusive Details About New Cast Members of ‘RHOA’ on ‘The Real’ | WATCH

On THE REAL airing Wednesday, December 15th, TV personality and celebrity blogger B. Scott shares exclusive details about the upcoming season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” revealing to co-hosts Loni Love and Adrienne Houghton and guest co-host Cynthia Bailey that Angela Simmons and Monyetta Show will be joining the show. Loni Love asked B Scott;

“I would like to know, since you dominate the game with exclusive content, do you have any tea to spill?”

Adrienne Houghton added;

“Some exclusives!”

B Scott told the ladies;

“You know I couldn’t come to The Real without no tea. I have a little backstory. You know Andy (Cohen) came to the show and he was talking about the housewives of Atlanta, and he said that the new season was great, and he didn’t tell you why it was great. And so, I have some of the information as to why it’s great.”

Loni Love asked;


B Scott replied;

“Just a little recap. I was the one that exclusively said that Porsha was not returning to the show. I was the one that said that Cynthia was most likely. That most likely came from my love for you, not coming to the show.”

Cynthia Bailey Chimed;

“Yours truly.”

B Scott added;

“I also said that Shereé was returning to the show. I also said that Marlo would for the first time ever would be holding a peach. And I also mentioned the new housewife was Sanya Richards-Ross. And so, the new tea today is that I know that some new ladies have been taping and filming with the housewives of Atlanta.”

Cynthia Bailey replied;


Adrienne Houghton asked;

“Some new ladies that are not Sanya?”

B Scott replied;

“Yes, and one of which is drumroll, please, Angela Simmons.”

Cynthia Bailey exclaimed;


B SCOTT said;

“Yes. Angela Simmons has been taping and the network loves her, but she’s under contract with someone else. So, we may not see her on the show. We will see her a little bit on the show.”

Adrienne Houghton asked;

“But she won’t be holding a peach, just yet.”

B SCOTT said;

“She will not just yet until she figures out her prior commitments.”

Loni Love added;

“Oh because she was with VH1, right?”

B SCOTT replied;

“Exactly. And then also, I’m not done yet! The other lady is Monyetta Shaw. Ne-Yo’s ex-fiancé has two children with Ne-Yo. She is also really good friends with Kandi.”

Adrienne Houghton said;

“I know who Monyetta is. I love Mo.”

Airing Wednesday, December 15th on THE REAL— check local listings.