January 20, 2022



‘Dancin’ Idris?’ Denzel is Hilariously Clueless As to Who Damson Idris is | WATCH

We know you’re not expecting 66-year-old Denzel Washington to know all the young bucks coming up in the industry. Well, one interviewer did as “D” was out promoting his new film, “A Journal for Jordan.”

Washington was approached by the interviewer at the premiere of the new film. The Two Bees.org interviewer mentioned how British actor Damson Idris (Franklin Saint on FX’s “Snowfall”) auditioned to act alongside the veteran actor in his 2016 film “Fences,” as well as bringing up when Damson did a funny impersonation of Denzel just last week.

In response, Denzel questioned who Damson Idris was, and genuinely seemed confused about who the interviewer was referring to. He said;

“Who are you talking about? I don’t know who that is. What show? Snowfall? No disrespect Damson, no disrespect.”

Needless to say, Washington’s responses instantly became fodder for beaucoup memes. Folks on social media saw the video, and noticed that it sounded like Denzel said “Dancin” instead of “Damson,” and had a lot of fun with the confusion by Washington.

Hilariously, Idris got wind of Washington’s response and jokingly tweeted;

“Call me Dancin Address from now on. I won’t answer to anything else.”

The star also went ahead and changed his Twitter name to Dancin Address.