September 29, 2022

Floyd Mayweather Wants Nelly And Ashanti To Testify In Lawsuit Against Shantel Jackson

Floyd Mayweather has been at odds with Nelly since the rapper began dating is his ex Shantel Jackson immediately after she left him.

Floyd is using the legal system to exact revenge on Nelly. Back in 2014, Shantel Jackson filed her own lawsuit against Floyd, alleging frequent assault and battery in their abusive relationship. She also sued for defamation and invasion of privacy, as he publicly aired out her medical records complete with photos to expose her plastic surgeries and an alleged abortion.

Floyd then countersued Shantel late last year, claiming that she had fraudulently used his credit cards for high-priced purchases and straight-up stole money from him, preying on the fact that he only had an 8th grade education and also not enough sense to check his bank statements.

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As of April 20th, he filed documents for Nelly and his ex-girlfriend Ashanti to tesify and give evidence in the case to proof Miss Jackson’s supposed scamming antics. It’s not clear what information he would feel Ashanti had for the case, since she’s been done with Nelly since 2010. But most likely, he wants to open up Nelly and his ex to embarrassing questions whose answers would be public record. The deposition is currently set for January of next year.