September 29, 2022

Katt Williams Slapped With $1 Million Lawsuit for Allegedly Beating His Assistant

Katt Williams’ former personal assistant, Angelina Triplett-Hill, is accusing the comedian of blowing off the $1 million dollar lawsuit that he’s facing.

On January 28, Angelina submitted court documents claiming that Katt was served last year. However, she says he has failed to respond to the allegations in the complaint or to show up in court. She filed a motion for default, which is the first step to obtaining a default judgement against Katt.

The former personal assistant is accusing the comedian of violently beating her on a film set, causing severe injuries that left her in the hospital for several days. Triplett-Hill first met Williams in 2003, when she was working as a personal assistant for the Isley Brothers. The two periodically worked together thereafter, with the woman providing personal assistant services for him whenever he booked a job in the same city she was located in at the time.

Triplett-Hill claims that in September 2014, Williams contracted her to assist him during an upcoming film shoot in California. She agreed and traveled to the set to assist him during production. On September 12, 2014, Williams, Triplett-Hill, and the comedian’s entourage arrived at an outdoor movie set on a baseball field.

During the shoot, Triplett-Hill received a call and stepped away from the set. Upon finishing her call, she claims that Williams angrily ordered her to get in a transportation caravan that he and his entourage were taking. Once in the car, she claims he violently lunged toward her, snatching her cellphone out of her hand and angrily threw it across the vehicle’.

She claims she became frightened and fearful for her wellbeing and had witnessed Williams violently beat other women in her presence while gloating about the acts he had committed. Triplett-Hill claims that after throwing her phone, Williams said:

“B**** get out of my truck.”

She grabbed her purse and left the car, but the comedian continued to yell obscenities at her as she walked away, Triplett-Hill claims. She says she tried to defend herself against being called a ‘b****’ , but that only infuriated the comedian more. Triplett-Hill says that she told Williams that his ‘bigger than that’ when he called her a ‘b****’, which led the comedian to strike her in the face an unknown number of times.

She immediately hit the ground, ‘slamming her head against the concrete and rendering her unconscious’, court documents say. Once she regained consciousness, she heard her friend still on the phone from earlier and was still in severe pain. A member of Williams’ entourage called paramedics and Triplett-Hill was taken to Santa Monica UCLA hospital.

She stayed in the hospital for three days, and once she was released, she quit her job and refused to work with Williams again, blaming the hostile and dangerous environment she claims he created. Angelina Triplett-Hill has filed a federal lawsuit against Williams, accusing him of battery, assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence. The ex-employee says she continues to severe emotional distress as a result of Katt’s attack and is demanding in excess of $1 million dollars from the comedian

Meanwhile, WIlliams has been charged with misdemeanor battery a separate assault case in which he had an altercation with a woman in a parking lot last month. Los Angeles attorney spokesman Frank Mateljan said Williams’ case is due for arraignment on Thursday, and he faces up to six months in jail if he is convicted.

The 44-year-old comedian was arrested on July 24 outside Sportsmen’s Lodge banquet hall and hotel after a female employee claimed he hurt her. Williams’ attorney Shawn Holley declined comment, saying she had not yet received potential evidence in the case. The comedian has been arrested several times this year, including April, when police said he threw a salt shaker at a suburban Atlanta restaurant manager.