Kenya Moore Isn’t Allowed To Talk To Husband Marc Daly’s Parents

While Kenya Moore and Marc Daly announced their separation last year.

Fans are finding out more about their split as new episodes of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” airs. In the preview for episode 20 of the 12th season, the ladies are back from their trip to Greece, and Kenya Moore has to deal with the fallout of her marriage. She said during a conversation with a friend:

“I want to be happy too. I could’ve been happy in my marriage if I felt like Marc was in it to be happy as well. One of my issues with him is not being able to just have a conversation without yelling or anger crossing lines. I know it’s not me and I know how hard I’ve fought for this marriage. I stopped caring about my feelings and all I was doing was just trying to be everything he wanted me to be and work through everything as best I could to keep my family together.”

She continued and said she believes Marc Daly has consistently kept walls up, despite them being married.

“It’s always been this block up with him not letting me completely into his life. It’s just, a lot of things I felt like I was in the dark about.”

She later said during a confessional:

“It kind of feels as though there’s a large part of him, or the relationship, that I was just never privy to. For example, I’m not allowed to speak to his mother or father. And if you don’t know everything about that person’s life, you’re not being let in.”

She said that she just wants to do what’s best for their daughter, Brooklyn. In another clip, she also said she didn’t want Marc Daly in her home when he came to visit their child.

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