September 28, 2022

Melrose Place’s Jamie Luner Accused Of Sexual Misconduct Against 16-Year-Old Boy

The man who accused Melrose Place star Jamie Luner of performing oral sex on him as a teenager claims she drugged him and recorded their sexual encounter. Anthony Oliver told TMZ he met the actress when he attended a party with his brother at Luner’s home in Los Angeles in 1998.

According to the outlet, Oliver, who was 16 at the time, alleged Luner, who was then around 26 years of age, gave him alcohol and drugs before they entered a bedroom with a third person who he did not identify. He claimed the other person filmed Luner performing oral sex on him. Luner’s manager told PEOPLE magazine:

“There is absolutely no merit to these allegations, and in our opinion, this is a blatant attempt at extortion.”

Oliver told Page Six Luner allegedly offered him whiskey before giving him methamphetamines that he accepted. He told the outlet:

“I was not in the right state of mind,”

Oliver filed a police report with the Los Angeles Police Department last month, according to TMZ. He told the outlet he spoke to his parents about the alleged encounter in 1998. Oliver told the outlet his therapist, who he is seeing due to alcoholism, suggested he report the alleged incident. Luner played the role of Lexi Sterling on the popular ‘90s drama.