September 29, 2022

Monica Lewinsky Was ‘Uninvited’ From an Event Bill Clinton Attended

Town & Country magazine has apologized to Monica Lewinsky after she was “uninvited” to an event because Bill Clinton was attending.

Monica Lewinsky set off a firestorm after she claimed she was uninvited from an event because former President Bill Clinton was asked to attend. Lewinsky addressed her be invited but added a postscript that called out a magazine for trying to offer her a byline in exchange for the withdrawn invitation. She wrote on Twitter:

Lewinsky’s apparent disinvitation drew criticism on Twitter, with many expressing support for Lewinsky.

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Town and Country apologized to Lewinsky in a Thursday morning tweet, and the publication said it regretted the way the “situation was handled.”

Lewinsky’s comments sparked outrage because she alluded to a blind spot revealed by the #MeToo movement when it comes to protecting powerful men. Lewinsky wrestled with this in a March essay for Vanity Fair, writing that the #MeToo movement forced her to grapple with consent regarding her affair with the president 20 years ago. She wrote:

“I now see how problematic it was that the two of us even got to a place where there was a question of consent,”

The abuse of power is often inextricable from the stories of sexual harassment and assault, from Harvey Weinstein to Eric Schneiderman. It protects men in positions of authority and helps silence those would who would speak out. Lewinsky, and others, rightly pointed out the hypocrisy of an event about “social change” that not only deferred to the person in power but seemingly excluded a voice advocating for that very change.