May 24, 2022

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mills Are Getting Back Together

This week Meek Mills was released from prison after being incarcerated for five months for a bogus parole violation.

Meek was flown in by the owners of the Philly 76ers on a private jet from prison, he got to ring the bell, and the 76ers won. Now rumour has it that might be getting back with his ex Nicki Minaj.

Fans are going crazy over the possibility that Philly hip-hop star Meek Mills and Young Money icon Nicki Minaj may rekindle their relationship after she went onto his Instagram, page and put a heart emoji and a kiss emoji on his page.

We’ve been hearing for months that Meek and Nicki have been in touch while he was in jail. We additionally hear that the two talked about getting back together. According to HollywoodLife Meek’s already hit up Nicki for a date. A source close to Nicki said:

“Nicki will probably see him but he’s got a long way to go before he wins her back,”

While Nicki is gearing up to drop her new album and doesn’t really have time for love, Meek, is hoping that she will find her way back to him, especially after his traumatic five months in a state prison. He revealed in several interviews how difficult a time he was having on the inside, so he would love a second chance at love with Nicki. A second source says:

“He would love to get together with her for another chance at love, family, kids and a happy ending with her. He’s already trying to make it happen and won’t give up until he gets to see her face to face. Meek wants to at least make their past right but hopefully much more than that. He sees a real future with her, he still deeply in love and jail made him realize what is important, and it’s Nicki,”

The source added:

“Meek is a changed man after getting out of jail. From his relationship with Nicki to his perspective on family and his career, everything has changed after his freedom was taken from him. Meek realizes he still has a lot of love for Nicki and life is short,”

For now, Meek has been making the most of his freedom ever since the Supreme Court ruled that he be released on bail to fight his nearly decade long drug and weapons case.