Remy Ma Addresses Nicki Minaj Beef

Rapper Remy Ma has been staying out of trouble and minding her business since her parole stint ended last fall.

However, Remy’s freedom was jeopardized when her former “Love and Hip-Hop: New York” castmate, Brittney Taylor, accused her of assault. She says the “Conceited” rapper punched her in the eye at an Irving Plaza benefit concert.

Brittney pressed charges against Remy, but they were essentially dropped as of December due to lack of evidence. Ironically, Brittney was recently captured on social media in another violent altercation at former “Love and Atlanta” star Tommie Lee‘s house.

Upon that footage going viral, Remy Ma didn’t hold her tongue about what she saw. She and frequent collaborator Fat Joe discussed the fight in an Instagram Love session. In the discussion Fat Joe point out:

“You see the girl you never smacked- you never hit, she was getting beat up on Instagram the other day. You saw that?”

Remy Ma replied:

“[laughs] Actually, yeah. I saw that. She was getting her head pounded legendarily!”

Joe added:

“She got the breaks beat off of her!”

Remy said:

“I wanted to send it to her slip-and-fall lawyer like, ‘Yo! Get your client!”

Joe replied:

“This girl walks into walls on the regular! Like, oh my God!”

Remy Ma later revealed that either Bobby Lytes or Tommie Lee encouraged Brittney to sue her. Fat Joe then said:

“I tell you one thing: she ain’t got no friends. She better get her some real friends, ’cause I think her friends enjoy taping her.”

Remy Ma replied:

“Nah, one of the people that was in the video- the main ones when everything was happening with me was like, ‘Yo, sue her! Get your money!’…they didn’t save her in that instance, though. It’s crazy.”

Joe added:

“This girl’s a liar! I was there!”

In the era of viral music battles, Remy discussed “Shether”, her infamous Nicki Minaj diss songfor the first time in years: Remy Ma said:

“When I came home [from jail]…we had a long phone conversation, chopped it up…if people was to see the text messages that I still have that we was havin’, they wouldn’t even believe that it went bad like that. It’s stuff that I could’ve pulled out of those messages that would’ve been way worse than anything that I said in ‘Shether.”

Fat Joe told Remy:

“I wanted it to be cool. I wanted it to be women’s empowerment. I didn’t really want it to go bad.”

Watch Remy Ma’s entire Instagram Live conversation with Fat Joe below.

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