May 22, 2022

Trisha Paytas Apologises After Backlash For Coming Out As ‘Trans Gay Man’

Youtube star Trisha Paytas has come out as a transgender man.

The 31 year-old sparked controversy with her announcement after telling fans she “feels like a male” but will continue to use female pronouns and keep her birth name.

Revealing that she has been seeing a gender identity therapist for the past few months, Trish said:

“I would never have said I was transgender before. I said I don’t think I’m non-binary. I really in my heart feel male.”

After facing criticism from many in the LGBTQ community who accused her of of “outrageous click bait” and trans-baiting, Trisha has now released a follow-up YouTube video simply titled “apology” in which she addressed the situation. Trisha responded:

“I am overwhelmed by the amount of backlash. I put out that video and in no way did I think I would get so much backlash and hate and a ton of hate from the LGBTQ+ community. That alone breaks my heart so much because I would never want to offend that community.

I haven’t told anyone in my life these feelings…because of the judgement, because of the backlash. This is something that I have felt since I was five, six, seven. I feel like I should just apologise so people stop being nasty to me because this is something I’ve really struggled with.”

Explaining her identity crisis was deep-rooted and dates back to her youth, she added:

“As a child I hated my breasts, I hated my vagina, I hated going into the female bathroom, I hated being classified as female.”

Speaking in her original video, Trisha said she plans to continue using female pronouns and her birth name. She explained:

“I identify with men better. People always think there’s something wrong with me because I don’t have that many girlfriends but I do love girls. I love their sensitivity and all the stuff like that.

That’s why I identify more as a gay man because I like guys but I also identify as a guy. But many struggled to empathise with Trish as she added that while she “thinks” she is transgender, she also “one thousand per cent” identifies with her “natural born gender.”

The situation is made more difficult given the YouTube star’s history of clickbait video titles and courting controversy for views, including ranting about immigrants and ‘outing’ her ex-boyfriend.