May 29, 2022

Wale RIPS Into J Cole “If I Was Half WHITE I Would Sell More Records”

Wale clears the air about his feud with J. Cole.

For years now, the DMV rhymer has complained about not being mentioned in the same breath as people like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and other rappers who are considered top-tier lyricists. Plus, more than once he’s lashed out at the media and really let his anger fly.

On Wednesday (May 2), during a fan Q&A, the MMG rapper was asked if those past outbursts have contributed to his music not getting more attention. The rapper said yes but also stated that his skin color and African roots hurt him. Wale’s family is from Nigeria, which he often talks about and it’s a definite part of his brand. The fan asked:

“Do you think your expressive passion for the music hurt/prevent you from being mentioned with the rest in your class?”

Wale answered:

“It hurt me greatly. Also, me being dark skinned (not half white) rapper, direct descent from Africa did too. But let’s not go there.”

Wale also quashed any rumors of a lasting beef with good friend J. Cole, saying that the media is, at times, only after the “angry Wale.” The beef refers to the back-and-forth J. Cole and Wale had with song verses, beginning last December with the former’s “False Prophets,” and responded with the latter’s song, “Groundhog Day.”