September 28, 2022

Watch: Iggy Azalea Featuring Tyga – “Kream” Video

Iggy Azalea & Tyga’s ‘Kream’ Video Has a Lot of Cash & a Lot of Booty.

Besides being an incredibly talented rapper, Iggy Azalea often makes headlines for her insane behind. There is no shortage of bootylicious shots in her new video for “Kream,” featuring Tyga.

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“Ass/Cash, cash/Ass, bags/Bad/Kash rules everything around me,” Iggy raps over the Wu Tang Clan sample. The vignette mirrors the lyrics quite literally, as the rapper is seen twerking in front of an oven full of cash and a plastic bed filled with dollar bills. “Kream” will appear on Iggy’s upcoming EP, Survive the Summer, out August 3. Watch the video below.