May 20, 2022

Watch: Basketball Wives Season 7 Episode 12 – “Bad Romance”

On Basketball Wives Season 7 Episode 12 – “Bad Romance”, Jen focuses on her love life to take her mind off of the drama, OG tries to spice up her relationship, and Kristen’s stress at home has her thinking twice about more children. Meanwhile, CeCe and Kristen keep their distance from each other and Malaysia finds out the root of their issues is much deeper than she thought. You can watch the full episode below.

About the show:

On this season of Basketball Wives friendships that once seemed rock solid will be shaken to the core. For the first time ever, Shaunie O’Neal finds herself at a crossroads between Tami, Jen, and Evelyn when an incredibly damaging rumor surfaces.

Fresh off of her breakup with her ex fiancé, Evelyn Lozada is working on herself while Tami Roman is focusing on a possible upcoming engagement with Reggie. Jackie Christie returns with a new outlook on life, claiming that she isn’t holding onto any old grudges while Jennifer Williams finds herself caught in a tangled web of rumors versus truths when old friends begin to doubt her loyalty. While splitting her time between LA and Atlanta, Malaysia Pargo works to show the other ladies that blood is thicker than water with her new crew.