May 22, 2022

Watch: Belgravia Season 1 Episode 4

On Belgravia Season 1 Episode 4, John appeals to members of the Trenchard’s staff for assistance in his bid to uncover the truth about Charles. Turton and Ellis are quick to betray their employers, and are surprisingly adept at deceit and spying. Susan makes a seemingly miraculous discovery, which exacerbates her already complicated situation with Oliver. You can watch the full episode below.

About The Show:

In 1815, with Brussels on the brink of conflict, 18-year-old Sophia Trenchard secures her humble family invitations to the now-legendary Duchess of Richmond’s ball on the eve of the Battle of Waterloo.

She hopes for a secret assignation with her forbidden lover, the aristocratic Edmund Bellasis. As war dawns, the pair are torn apart and Sophia is left to conceal a devastating secret. Twenty-six years later, a chance encounter between the two families re-ignites a long-buried connection.