May 28, 2022

Watch: Black Earth Rising Season 1 Episode 1 – “In Other News”

On Black Earth Rising Season 1 Episode 1 – “In Other News”, international criminal lawyer Eve Ashby agrees to prosecute Simon Nyamoya, a Rwandan general-turned-mercenary who has been extradited to The Hague. Her adopted daughter, Kate is a refugee of the Rwandan genocide, and recognises Nyamoya as an important figure in ending the massacre. She struggles to come to terms with Eve’s decision and feels betrayed by her mother. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, U.N. forces move against war criminal Patrice Ganimana but events take a tragic turn. You can watch this full episode below.

About the show:

Kate Ashby was rescued from the horrific aftermath of the Rwandan genocide. She was adopted and brought up in Britain by Eve Ashby, a world-class international human rights lawyer. Kate, who has long struggled to escape the shadow of her past, is now returning to work as a legal investigator in the same chambers as Eve, under leading international lawyer Michael Ennis.

But Kate and Eve’s relationship is strained to breaking point when Eve takes on the prosecution of a controversial militia leader at the International Criminal Court. The accused man, who once fought to stop the genocide in the Democratic Republic of Congo, now stands accused of committing crimes against humanity.