October 2, 2022

Watch: Bridezillas Season 11 Episode 6 – “Storm Zilla & Queen Zilla”

On Bridezillas Season 11 Episode 6 – “Storm Zilla & Queen Zilla”, StormZilla Sam’s marriage is threatened when her mother-in-law dismisses her and the groom goes missing; QueenZilla Ruby’s royal wedding may be thwarted when she goes medieval on her groom, and he threatens to call it off. You can watch the full episode below.

About the show:

Godzilla has nothing on a bride-to-be planning her dream wedding, as evidenced by the aptly named “Bridezillas.” The docu-series follows women who were perfectly normal before wedding planning took over her life. Grimly determined to realize their “dream wedding” at all costs, these out-of-control brides make the time leading up to their day of days an utter nightmare for everyone around them. In the end, they hope all the stress and meltdowns are worth it and they have the perfect wedding they’ve been dreaming of since they were little.