October 3, 2022

Watch: Good Behavior Season 2 Episode 6 – “It’s No Fun if It’s Easy”

About the show:

Michelle Dockery, who plays the career con artist Letty, will be back to being her best worst self in October, when TNT’s drama Good Behavior returns for Season 2. Juan Diego Botto, Terry Kinney, Lusia Strus and Joey Kern will also return for the second season of the drama, which was created by Chad Hodge and Blake Crouch, who penned the series of books that spawned the series. Season 2 will kick off with Letty having patched things up with assassin Javier (Botto) and her mother Estelle (Strus), who’d been blocking her attempts to get the one thing she truly wants: custody of her son Jacob (Nyles Steele).

On the run from FBI Agent Rhonda Lashever (guest star Ann Dowd), Letty, Javier and Jacob are desperately trying to be normal. But the more Letty and Javier try to create a normal life, the more it eludes them, and their attempt to give Jacob a chance at an ordinary life gets complicated when the past catches up with them.

On Good Behavior Season 2 Episode 6 – “It’s No Fun if It’s Easy”, Letty, Javier and Jacob visit Letty’s grandmother Alice to ask her for help with a problem; Alice makes Letty work for what she needs and drags her into a high-class con. You can watch the full episode below.