July 5, 2022

Watch: Homecoming Season 2 Episode 6 – “Needle”

On Homecoming Season 2 Episode 6 – “Needle”, Alex, having purchased the syringe, fills it up with the drug from Audrey’s roller and plans on wiping Walter’s memory, practicing on the melon. After breaking inside Walter’s house, she rings Geist and informs them that Walter is intending on intruding however catches him outside her room when she returns back.

He apologises and takes her out fishing but the walk there soon leaves Walter questioning Alex’s intentions especially when she slips up on her friend’s shooting range, saying metres not yards. This leads to Walter confronting Alex, revealing that he followed her after their fight to the supermarket and the pharmacy where she got the syringes in her own car, having said she took the bus.

Alex runs away, her cover blown and reveals that Geist is nervous about what he will do to the company. Alex tries stabbing Walter with the syringe but he turns it back on her and injects the drug into Alex who flees on the canoe. You can watch the full episode by clicking the red button below.

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