October 1, 2022

Watch: Instinct Season 1 Episode 8 – “Long Shot”

On Instinct Season 1 Episode 8 – “Long Shot”, a woman is shot outside a community center; Dylan and Lizzie must solve the case in less than 24 hours to quell pressure from the media and special interest groups. You can watch the full episode below.

About the show:

Dr. Dylan Reinhart is a former CIA operative who’s created a quieter life for himself as a professor and author of a best-selling book on abnormal behavior. When tenacious and resourceful NYPD detective Lizzie Needham approaches him to help her solve a serial killer case, he taps into his old skill set and reaches out to a CIA friend who has access to invaluable top-secret intelligence. As Dylan gets lured back into the adrenaline filled world of law enforcement, he and Lizzie realize that, together, they make the perfect team.