August 7, 2022

Watch: Instinct Season 2 Episode 8 – “Go Figure

On Instinct Season 2 Episode 8 – “Go Figure”, Dylan and Lizzie work to uncover why an Olympic-hopeful figure skater is killed while on the ice; Ryan’s case heats up and lands him and Dylan in unusual circumstances; Julian comes to understand why an old acquaintance has returned to New York. You can watch the full episode below.

About the show:

Dr. Dylan Reinhart is a former CIA operative who’s created a quieter life for himself as a professor and author of a best-selling book on abnormal behavior. When tenacious and resourceful NYPD detective Lizzie Needham approaches him to help her solve a serial killer case, he taps into his old skill set and reaches out to a CIA friend who has access to invaluable top-secret intelligence. As Dylan gets lured back into the adrenaline filled world of law enforcement, he and Lizzie realize that, together, they make the perfect team.