August 15, 2022

Watch: Liar Season 2 Episode 3

On Liar Season 2 Episode 3, a man arrives from the mainland in search of Ian. Elsewhere, Ian awakens naked in the woods, his hands covered in blood. He stumbles into Sheriff Trout’s house and Trout suggests that he stay for a few days.

Meanwhile, Colin has a vision of Frankie at the Lair. Botanist Jake Waldman receives a mysterious flower, the Lumina Orchis. The man who delivers it, Spivey, discovers a gold coin entangled in its roots. You can watch the full episode below.

About the show:

Laura Nielson, a teacher in the middle of a breakup, is set up on a date with widowed surgeon Andrew Earlham. However, the day after it is apparent that something has gone wrong, and the subsequent fallout spirals out of control.