August 10, 2022

Watch: Manifest Season 1 Episode 7 – “S.N.A.F.U.”

On Manifest Season 1 Episode 7 – “S.N.A.F.U.”, Michaela tries to make sense of her newest calling — the sound of a beating heart; Ben goes to risky lengths to investigate the whereabouts of 11 missing Flight 828 passengers. You can watch the full episode below.

About the show:

When Montego Air Flight 828 landed safely after a turbulent but routine flight, the crew and passengers were relieved. But in the span of those few hours, the world had aged five years — and after mourning their loss, their friends, families and colleagues had given up hope and moved on. Now, faced with the impossible, they’re all given a second chance. But as their new realities become clear, a deeper mystery unfolds, and some of the returned passengers soon realize they may be meant for something greater than they ever thought possible.