August 13, 2022

Watch: Most Expensivest Season 3 Episode 8 – “Tex Mex”

On Most Expensivest Season 3 Episode 8 – “Tex Mex”, 2 Chainz is in Dallas to study the wide world of Tex-Mex cuisine, destroy a $1,000 piñata, look at a $600 margarita maker and try $450,000 tequila. You can watch the full episode below.

About the show:

Ever wonder how 1 percenters spend their wealth? Rap star 2 Chainz shares your curiosity. “Most Expensivest” as the title suggests takes viewers on a journey to find the most outrageous luxury goods in the world, and who better to guide it than a man who enjoys the finer things in life? Shot in New York and Las Vegas, the series finds 2 Chainz trying excesses like an $800 bottle of beer, $5,000 chicken wings, and $600 coffee. He also samples some rare wines, plays with $165,000 kittens, and with help from Viceland favorite foodie Action Bronson, ponders an age-old question over a $10,000 steak dinner.