August 19, 2022

Watch: Most Expensivest Season 4 Episode 5 – “Keeping It Tight”

About the show:

Ever wonder how 1 percenters spend their wealth? Rap star 2 Chainz shares your curiosity. “Most Expensivest” as the title suggests takes viewers on a journey to find the most outrageous luxury goods in the world, and who better to guide it than a man who enjoys the finer things in life?

‘Most Expensivest’ is a reality series, which deals with the culture of extreme excess. Rapper 2 Chainz takes us on a ride across America to various places, each of which has some ridiculously expensive item on sale. Firstly, we see an $8,000 bong to smoke pot in.

The person who shows 2 Chainz the item calls it the ‘intelligent bong’. He claims that smoking from this bong can give one the best high possible. We also come across sex toys that are Bluetooth enabled and a hugely expensive robot dog which the seller claims is even more intelligent than some humans.

2 Chainz also meets with the billionaire and owner of Mavericks, Mark Cuban, who makes him taste some tequila that costs nearly half a million dollars. Before this show, one could not have imagined that a small bottle of the most expensive hot sauce can cost around $250 per bottle. There are also some noodles which cost $200. Once he reviews such expensive items, 2 Chainz gives his unique rating to each.