October 1, 2022

Watch: My Lottery Dream Home Season 4 Episode 12 – “Papa’s Palace”

On My Lottery Dream Home Season 4 Episode 12 – “Papa’s Palace”, grandpa Jeff takes his “Papa” babysitting duties very seriously, so when he wins $1 million in Roanoke, Va., he decides his dream home has to include a large backyard for his four grandchildren. David Bromstad shows Jeff and his daughter Whitney some great properties with plenty of pasture, but only one will become Papa’s Palace. You can watch the full episode below.

About the show:

Armed with overflowing bank accounts and dreams of living in mansions bigger than city blocks, recent lottery winners embark on searches for their new homes. “It’s an incredible feeling for me to show them properties they never dreamed they could afford. Host David Bromstad says:

“It’s like I’m living the fantasy life with them,”

Who shows overnight millionaires three luxurious properties on each episode. After visiting seven-figure listings, 10-acre properties, and nine-bedroom mansions, the big winners’ ultimate, life-changing decisions mean an upgrade from average digs to high-dollar properties.