July 3, 2022

Watch: Naked Attraction Season 6 Episode 2 – “Alex & Laura”

On Naked Attraction Season 6 Episode 2 – “Alex & Laura”, Anna Richardson hosts the show in which potential dates bare all bit by bit in a bid to prove they are the one. First up is 27-year-old flight attendant Alex from Bristol.

Having never had a serious relationship, he is hoping to land himself a man for the long haul. He is followed by 26-year-old Laura from Gloucestershire, a horse-loving country girl in search of a sexy stallion. You can watch the full episode below.

About the show:

Anna Richardson presents a dating show that starts where some good dates might end: naked. Each week, hopeful singletons seek to choose a date from selection of six naked people, based solely on the power of naked attraction.