October 2, 2022

Watch: Stan Lee’s Lucky Man Season 3 Episode 1

On Stan Lee’s Lucky Man Season 3 Episode 1, on the run and with nowhere to turn, Harry needs all the luck he can get as he faces his greatest nemesis yet; Suri is charged with bringing Harry to justice. You can watch the full episode below.

About the show:

Co-created by Stan Lee and produced by the team behind `Downton Abbey’, `Stan Lee’s Lucky Man’ follows the story of DI Harry Clayton. BAFTA-nominated James Nesbitt plays the role of the eponymous detective who hits rock bottom.

After a series of gambling debts mount up, Harry finds himself on the verge of losing everything, even his family, that is until he meets a beautiful stranger. The mysterious Eve bestows Harry with an ancient bracelet whose magical properties can change a man’s luck. Soon afterward the detective’s world is turned around as fortune finds him, but it comes at a hefty price.