May 22, 2022

Watch: Survivor Season 39 Episode 3 – “Honesty Would Be Chill”

On Survivor Season 39 Episode 3 – “Honesty Would Be Chill”, new tribal dynamics put the castaways on edge; one castaway gets an opportunity to complete a risky task in order to gain an advantage. You can watch the full episode below.

About the Show:

The veteran reality series hosted by Jeff Probst brings its 20 castaways to Palaui Island, Cagayan, for its 27th installment. This season tests whether blood really is thicker than water by bringing back ten returning contestants, each with a loved one in tow, to see if they use their prior experience to help that person, or put themselves and winning above all as they work to outwit and outlast one another.

The return of Redemption Island comes with a twist, contestants will have to choose to save their loved ones by offering to switch places, or leave them to survive on their own. In the end, one castaway earns the title of Sole Survivor.