January 26, 2022



Watch: Sweetbitter Season 2 Episode 5 – “Entropy”

On Sweetbitter Season 2 Episode 5 – “Entropy”, Howard decides to restructure the restaurant’s tip structure; Tess learns more about Simone and gets closer to Jake. You can you the full episode below.

About the show:

A new life awaits 22-year-old Tess when she arrives friendless in New York City and lacking any specific ambitions beyond finding a job. Her charm and observational nature lead to an invitation to train at one of the city’s best restaurants. She thinks it is a temporary place to wait for her life’s big break, but Tess is quickly intoxicated by the people she meets and by the chaotic world behind the scenes tasting expensive wine, exploring dive bars, learning whom to trust. Her co-workers become her family, and through them she finds a sense of belonging that she has never encountered before.