September 29, 2022

Watch: Tamara’s World Season 1 Episode 1

About the show:

Formula One heiress and entrepreneur Tamara Ecclestone invites viewers into her life in new series Tamara’s World. Across six seasons, Tamara and husband Jay Rutland allow cameras exclusive access into their extraordinary world with three year daughter Sophia.

Featuring an intimate insight into the couple’s opulent life, the programme follows Tamara and Jay as they travel around the world by private jet, run a £70m Kensington home and throw expensive parties for friends and family.  It also reveals those private down-to-earth family moments that Tamara and Jay enjoy with Sophia  –  just ordinary family time in extraordinary surroundings.

On Tamara’s World Season 1 Episode 1, Tamara and Jay have organised an epic surprise for three year old Sophia by refurbishing the swimming pool area in their house. The final result is incredible and beyond all expectations, Sophia is delighted and the whole family end up having a ball.

Tamara, Jay and Sophia enjoy a fun family breakfast where they play practical jokes on each other, then while Sophia and Tamara spend the day together, Jay goes to work as business development manager for an art gallery. The family also travel to the USA; Tamara and Sophia head to Los Angeles for an important photo shoot for Tamara’s motherhood and parenting brand Fifi and Friends and Jay goes on a boy’s weekend to Las Vegas to watch a boxing match. At the photo shoot Tamara is put under pressure as she tries to organise a group of small children  – who all just want to play –  to pose for photographs. You ca watch the full episode below.