May 29, 2022

Watch: Tamara’s World Season 1 Episode 3

About the show:

Formula One heiress and entrepreneur Tamara Ecclestone invites viewers into her life in new series Tamara’s World. Across six seasons, Tamara and husband Jay Rutland allow cameras exclusive access into their extraordinary world with three year daughter Sophia.

Featuring an intimate insight into the couple’s opulent life, the programme follows Tamara and Jay as they travel around the world by private jet, run a £70m Kensington home and throw expensive parties for friends and family.  It also reveals those private down-to-earth family moments that Tamara and Jay enjoy with Sophia  –  just ordinary family time in extraordinary surroundings.

On Tamara’s World Season 1 Episode 3, Jay has gone away so Tamara’s friend, Victoria, flies over from Dubai to keep her company.  The pair go out for dinner together, leaving Sophia at home.  As they get ready, and choose their outfits from Tamara’s incredible wardrobe, the girls have the chance to have some heartfelt discussions.  Jay returns and Tamara decides to mark the end of Victoria’s stay by throwing her a massive pyjama party.  The house is totally transformed, and a games master is flown in from Los Angeles to ensure it’s a night no-one will forget. You can watch the full episode below.