May 25, 2022

Watch: Teen Mom 2 Season 9 Episode 13 – “On the Mend”

On Teen Mom 2 Season 9 Episode 13 – “On the Mend”, Briana faces DeVoin as she heals from surgery; after a disheartening doctor’s visit, Leah receives an update on Ali’s condition; Adam violates his visitation agreement; Barb responds to Jenelle’s road rage encounter. You can watch the full episode below.

About the show:

Teen Mom 2 is a spin-off of the MTV documentary series 16 & Pregnant. We are following the stories of four girls from the first season of 16 & Pregnant who are facing the challenges of their first years of motherhood.

Each episode interweaves stories of four teenage girls who are navigating the bumpy terrain of adolescence, growing pains, and coming of age – all while facing the responsibility of being a young mother.

Each story offers a unique look into the wide variety of challenges young mothers can face: marriage, relationships, family support, or lack thereof, adoption, finances, rumors among the community, graduating high school, starting college, getting (or losing) a job and the daunting and exciting step of moving out of the nest to create their own families.