January 26, 2022



Watch: The Hunting Season 1 Episode 4 – “Sluts”

On The Hunting Season 1 Episode 4 – “Sluts”, Nassim and Dip’s confession to the police leads them to court. While tensions bubble over, the judge throws the case out which is a relief, but also doesn’t bring any justice for Andy. As everyone tries to return to their lives, Ray is forced to confront that he may have done more harm than good as Dip is removed from his maths class and turns to a reluctant Eliza for help.

While Zoe and Dip seek some kind of retribution against Andy, Simone finally accepts the reality of her family and the fact that there might not be anything she can do about them. You can watch the full episode below.

About the show:

When two high school teachers discover students are sharing explicit photos of their underage friends and peers online, the revelation has devastating consequences for the students and their families.
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