August 7, 2022

Watch: The Inbetween Season 1 Episode 7 – “Let Me in Your Window”

On The Inbetween Season 1 Episode 7 – “Let Me in Your Window”, Tom and Damien race to stop a serial pyromaniac before he can strike again; Cassie suspects there’s something evil going on with the new bartender at work; things take a turn for Sally, Damien’s comatose girlfriend. You can watch the full episode below.

About the show:

Seattle medium Cassie Bedford struggles with a gift that sometimes feels like a curse. Haunted by the dead in search of justice, Cassie is called upon to help these unsettled souls find peace. When Tom Hackett, her father and a veteran police detective, comes across a particularly gruesome murder, Cassie is able to provide some insight based on her dark and haunting visions, and she becomes Seattle P.D.’s clandestine partner. She must also convince Hackett’s skeptical new partner, former FBI agent Damien Asante, that her skills are real — all while battling her own demons.