August 9, 2022

Watch: Wrong Man Season 2 Episode 3 – “Rorrer Hour 1: The Hang Up”

On Wrong Man Season 2 Episode 3 – “Rorrer Hour 1: The Hang Up”, when Andy Katrinak comes home to find his wife and infant son gone, he summons the police and tells them he believes they have been abducted, and he suspects his ex-girlfriend Patty Rorrer might be involved. You can watch the full episode below.

About the show:

From Emmy-winning documentarian Joe Berlinger (“Paradise Lost” trilogy), “Wrong Man” is a six-episode documentary that dissects the cases of three inmates who may have been mistakenly incarcerated for decades.

Investigations headed by renowned civil rights attorney Ronald Ruby, former prosecutor Sue-Ann Robinson, retired NCIS investigator Joe D. Kennedy, and Ira Lee Todd Jr., a member of Detroit’s elite Homicide Task Force, uncover new theories, offer alternate suspects, and reveal new evidence that could prove these inmates are not guilty.