June 30, 2022

Watch: Younger Season 6 Episode 11 – “Holding Out for a SHero”

On Younger Season 6 Episode 11 – “Holding Out for a SHero”, Millennial is left reeling after another regime change; Kelsey deals with the aftermath of her social media mishap; Liza tries to be polite while letting go of the past; the gang celebrates Diana. You can watch the full episode below.

About the show:

Trying to start a new career gets more difficult as you age, which suddenly single-mom Liza realizes when she tries to re-enter the working world at 40. After a young tattoo artist convinces her she looks younger, Liza decides to do something about it. Her solution revolves around trying to pass herself off as 26, courtesy of a makeover by her best friend, Maggie.

The newfound confidence helps get her a job assisting temperamental Diana. Teaming with 20-something co-worker Kelsey, Liza hopes to make it a dream career while no one discovers her secret. She later has to deal with the fallout of the truth after revealing her secret to Kelsey.