October 2, 2022

Wendy Williams’ Husband’s Mistress Spotted Still Wearing Engagement Ring

Sharina Hudson ducked for cover on Saturday after spotting a photographer in New York City.

Mistress of Wendy Williams’ husband ducked for cover and runs a red light after being spotted in New York, while still wearing a huge diamond ring on her engagement finger months after the affair was exposed.

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Sharina Hudson was collecting her car from a parking garage in the Theatre District. The massage therapist, who had just been for lunch, ran back into the garage and had the male attendant bring her car inside before getting in and making her getaway. Footage shows Hudson going through a red light in Times Square to avoid being photographed.

It was revealed late last year that Hudson has been involved in a secret 10-year long affair with Wendy husband Kevin Hunter. Hunter moved the younger woman into a $765,000 home in New Jersey and Hudson has previously been spotted wearing the large diamond ring on her wedding ring finger.

Hunter has been splitting his time between the New Jersey home he shares with Wendy and their teenage son Kevin Jr, and the secluded suburban house he bought for his mistress just nine miles down the road. Hudson has rarely been seen in public since the affair was exposed. Check out the footage of Hudson going through a red light below.